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Thöni Casting Equipment

Your first choice in horizontal continuous casting equipment for non-ferrous metals

Thöni has designed, manufactured and delivered horizontal continuous casting plants for the production of sheets, profiles and round formats from copper and copper alloys, aluminum-tin as well as from precious metal for decades and established an exceptional reputation in the business.

A strict development process in our systems and technologies ensure best casting results and enables us to comply with special customer requests.

Satisfied customers are our best references. The world's largest strip casting plant for non-ferrous alloys located in Germany is exclusively using horizontal continuous casting plants manufactured by Thöni.


Our equipment selection:

  • Strips up to 450 mm wide (two-strand)
  • Strips up to 900 mm wide (one-strand)
  • Studs 40 - 350 mm diameter (one- or two-strand)
  • Wire from 16 mm diameter (up to 12 strands)
  • Pipes up to 300 mm diameter (one-or multi-strand)

Additional services:

  • Expanding, retrofitting and updating of existing continuous casting plants
  • Service and maintenance of existing plants upon request


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