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High Solids Anaerobic Digestion from Thöni (TTV)

Digestion of organic waste


Digestion of organic waste


The High Solids Anaerobic Digestion (TTV) is specially used for the anaerobic treatment at organic waste such as biowaste, green waste, food waste and kitchen waste as well as organic fractions of residual waste.


During the mechanical conditioning process (shredding, metal separation and screening) the waste is conditioned for digestion and subsequently stored in a tank.

The conditioned biomass is then continuously fed into the digester, where biogas is obtained during the so-called plug flow process.
The remaining digestion residue is dewatered in Thöni screw presses. Here the water generated during the compaction process is separated from the solids.

The biogas that is obtained in the digestion stage is converted into electrical energy and heat by a co-generation plant (CHP).
Modular unit sizes
make it possible to perfectly adjust the investment costs to the desired flow-through rate.

The most up-to-date technical knowledge and research is directly implemented into practical applications results in close cooperation with global projects. The achieved quality standards are continuously and immediately applied to new projects.

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