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The hose you can rely on.

Since 1970 the Hose Division has produced more than 60,000 km of hose - that is equal to a distance of 1.5 times around the entire globe.

On our modern circular looms we use high tenacity yarns to produce the weaving for our various hose types in diameters between ¾" and 6". Interior liners, for the most part EPDM-Manchon or other high-grade liner types, are subsequently inserted into these weavings, which are then rubberized in a computer controlled vulcanizing plant. Hoses can also be outer-coated upon request.

During the production process as well as after completion all hoses undergo an interim and/or final inspection according to EN ISO 9001:2000. Due to our efficient and prompt processing of orders / production planning we are able to ensure our partners short and reliable delivery periods. Our product range is internationally respected and has an excellent reputation for quality worldwide.

Outstanding quality at competitive prices, flexibility and promptness - in short: The dependable hose.
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