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First TTV Thöni plants in Finland and China

First TTV Thöni plant in Finland – Lappeenranta

With the order for the construction of the first TTV plant in Finland, MARTIN continues the successful cooperation with Thöni and once again proves the versatility of Thöni’s High Solids AD technology (TTV) for treating various organic types of waste.

The two lines will treat on the one hand sewage sludge and on the other organic waste. The TTV steel digesters have a capacity of up to 16,000 t/a of sewage sludge and up to 9,000 t/a of organic biowaste. The resulting biogas is used to produce carbon-neutral fuel for vehicles so that the plant makes a valuable contribution towards reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.


First TTV Thöni plant in China – Shanghai Laogang

With an area of approximately 4 km², the „Shanghai Laogang Waste Park“ in the well-known district of Pudong ranks among the world’s largest and most modern waste treatment centres. Every day, 10,000 tons of municipal waste, about half of the total waste volume of the megacity, are handled and processed on this site.

At this site, Thöni is building the first TTV High Solids AD plant in China (2 x TTV 2250 steel digesters) for the anaerobic treatment of around 82,000 t/a of biowaste. The biogas produced from the daily delivered 225 tonnes of kitchen waste is processed into bio electricity, which is then fed into the public grid. The new High Solids AD plant will start operation in 2020. In this way the city of Shanghai is pioneering new solutions for the treatment of kitchen waste and steps-up to the new law for separation of waste, which comes into force on the 1st of July 2019.