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Stronger together!

Stronger together!

Legal framework and politically driven directives for waste treatment are subject to on-going international changes. After years of successful cooperation in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, new priorities and opportunities have emerged for the cooperation partners Martin and Thöni in several markets. In order to meet these new developments, both partners intend to add value and improve competitiveness to their business by strengthening their strategic alliance and thus forging new paths in sales cooperation. In the future, our customers shall better benefit from Martin’s and Thöni’s experience, know-how and professional service. Therefore, Martin and Thöni have agreed to geographically review and redefine their cooperation as well as the associated activities in the field of high solids anaerobic digestion.
Martin will be your exclusive partner for TTV Thöni continuous High Solids AD projects in the following markets: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland, Italy (upon individual agreement for projects Italy) Contact Martin:

Thöni will be involved again in the following markets and will exclusively support you for TTV Thöni continuous High Solids AD projects in: Italy (leading distributor), San Marino, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey as well as Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, Thöni will be your partner in all other international markets. Contact Thöni:

TTV Thöni continuous High Solids AD plants have a proven business track record for the dry digestion of organic waste. The TTV process produces energy, heat, bio-methane and fertilizer from organic waste and hence returns valuable resources back into the environmental cycle. The core components are manufactured in the Thöni in-house metal workshops in Landeck, Tirol (Austria).
Martin has decades of experience in the engineering and construction of large-scale industrial plants and has broad access to many important markets. Benefitting from numerous synergies the well-established Martin product-portfolio will be perfectly complemented in the field of thermal waste treatment.