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Thöni Academy

Thöni Academy

The Thöni Academy serves as a centre of training and further education for our employees, offering them a space to engage in encounters and develop their mental and physical vitality. It is also the home of our research and development department.

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Apprenticeship at Thöni

Training at Thöni

We train future specialists in our teaching workshops and laboratories. Our motivated team of trainers are there to assist each and every trainee and ensure they make appropriate progress.

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Electrical engineering with specialist module in systems and industrial engineering


Electrical engineering with specialist module in systems and industrial engineering


Mechatronics technician with specialist module in production technology


Design engineer

What We Offer

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship at Thöni?

  • Modern training in a leading family-run Tyrolean company
  • A motivated team of trainees that takes personal care of your progress
  • You will learn on the latest machines and plants in a variety of different areas (maintenance, quality management, automotive, etc.)
  • Support in combining your apprenticeship with the higher school certificate (Matura)
  • Shortened apprenticeship period when taking an apprenticeship after the Matura.
  • Numerous additional benefits:
    • VVT ‘Lehre-Plus’ local transport ticket
    • Apprentice trip
    • Team day
    • Various training days
    • Practical placement abroad
    • Staff catering
    • Body tank
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Career Paths at Thöni

Promotion opportunities for apprentices

We are proud of our apprentices; they attain great achievements with above average scores in performance competitions as well as in their final results. And after completing a 3.5 or 4 year apprenticeship, Thöni can offer you an exciting job in a variety of areas with great career opportunities.

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Your Path to a Profession

What we expect from our apprentices:

A good level of technical comprehension and an ability to think logically (good knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry)

  • The ability to think in spatial terms (technical drawing)
  • Manual dexterity
  • Patience, stamina, and concentration
  • A sense of responsibility and reliability
  • Team spirit
  • A willingness to learn and an interest in further education

Do you satisfy these criteria? Then apply to us now!

You can also try us out by coming to us for your work experience.

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Would you like to do an apprenticeship at Thöni or do you have any other questions? Then please feel free to contact us!

Your contact person

Thöni Infopoint
Tel.: +43 5262 6903

Telfs Technical High School

In cooperation with BRG/BORG Telfs, we offer a unique model of general and specialist education. Our five-year training course satisfies all the content requirements of both the AHS upper school level (‘Oberstufe’) and apprenticeship training. Accordingly, pupils completing their education with us obtain both their Matura and an apprenticeship qualification, which opens up all paths to a future career – whether they wish to look for a job straightaway or to study at university first.

Pupils take the apprenticeship examination at the end of the fourth year, while the fifth year is primarily devoted to general education subjects and the AHS examination (‘Reifeprüfung’).

What you can expect from the Technical High School:

  • The full higher general education secondary school curriculum is taught over five years.
  • This is accompanied in the first four years by simultaneous practical and theoretical training in mechatronics/automation technology. Practical professional training is held in Thöni’s workshops and laboratories, using the latest equipment.
  • Prior to the seventh and eighth school years, pupils take part in a four-week industrial placement in the summer holidays, either in this country or abroad.
  • The limited number of available places means that maximum attention can be devoted to each and every pupil.

The Thöni Academy building houses both the classrooms of the technical branch of BRG/BORG Telfs and the teaching workshops and laboratories. There are opportunities to meet BRG/BORG pupils from other training courses in sports weeks, language weeks and trips, while several subjects are also taught in the BRG/BORG school building. There also joint projects which promote contact with Thöni apprentices.

All further information on training and how to apply is available from BRG/BORG Telfs and

Thöni Akademie Kooperation Technisches Gymnasium Telfs
Thöni Akademie Koorperation Technisches Gymnasium Telfs

Further Education

The key to success

The personal and professional development of our employees is a matter of great importance to us. Which is why we support them not only by providing them with external training opportunities but also by way of our internal further education offers.

From first-aid courses to firefighting instruction, from apprentice training to management development programmes, from language courses to Excel courses, and from internal to external courses – all of our employees, including apprentices, have a chance to further their development in accordance with their own individual abilities and requirements.

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Body Tank

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”

We stand behind this motto and offer employees not only their own fitness studio with professional staff but also a range of regular courses and events.

The “Body Tank” is equipped with a wide range of high-quality fitness training equipment. Our employees can take part in endurance training, power training or coordination training as well as yoga courses and power workouts. Our fitness activities also include events such as the Tyrol company run, in which we have several teams, and joint activities like ski trips or running groups. To round off our activities for body and mind, we also hold an annual Health Day.

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Body Tank - Titelbild

Research and Development

Always at the forefront

Research and development is an important aspect of our corporate strategy and an essential factor in maintaining our long-term competitiveness. The central research and development department is incorporated within the structure of the Thöni Academy. Every day, we work on creating new solutions and optimising our core technology for new and improved processes and products, to keep one step ahead across all parts of the company.

Together with our various departments, the direct involvement of R&D employees in different phases of the product development process is an essential factor of our economic success. Our dynamic teams work within a broad-based task spectrum, ranging from material development to process optimisation and on to the development of complex plants and machinery.

In the aluminium division, our focus is not only on the development of new materials but also strongly directed to process optimisation and the introduction of new production processes.

Research and Development - Titelbild
Research and Development - Titelbild