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About Us

About Us

The Thöni group is based in the town of Telfs in the Tyrol region. It also has production sites and subsidiaries in Landeck and Pfaffenhofen (Austria), Kempten im Allgäu (Germany), Rovereto (Italy) and Pleasanton (USA). We are a far-sighted family-run company that attaches great importance to sustainable development.

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The Thöni Group

A family-run group of companies with a long tradition

As a far-sighted, family-owned company, the Thöni group has attached great importance to growth and sustainable development for more than 50 years. And the strategy is reflected in all areas of the company, with aluminium profiles made from up to 80 % recycled material, automotive components designed for both lightweight construction and e-mobility, biogas plants for extracting energy from organic waste, machine and plant components for generating renewable energy, and hoses to suit a wide range of applications.

To secure our ability to drive innovation in all areas with our solutions, Thöni employs highly qualified employees with a fascination for technology and innovation. A range of personal and professional development activities are available for our employees to take part in at the Thöni Academy.

The group head office is located in Telfs, Austria. We also have plants in the towns of Landeck and Pfaffenhofen in Austria, Kempten in Germany, Rovereto in Italy and Pleasant Hill in the United States.

The Management

Let us introduce ourselves

Our family-run company is guided by flexibility, reliability and continuity, a practice that informs our day-to-day activities as much as our strategic decisions. For example, the construction of our new plant in Pfaffenhofen is just as much an expression of our dynamic growth as our strong regional roots, motivating us to work tirelessly on creating innovative solutions.

In line with our values, we place the focus on maximum product and service quality as well as on constant ongoing development. This is evident in all areas of the company, where it is shaped by the management and put into practice by our employees.

Helmut Thöni is the chairman of the managing board and responsible for the Aluminium and Automotive Components divisions as well as Thöni Manufacturing GmbH.

The machine and plant engineering division of the company, comprising environmental/energy engineering, the Landeck metal works, casting equipment and the hose production division, is the responsibility of Anton Mederle. As the head of the Thöni Academy, his brief also encompasses in-house training and further education as well as research and development.

Thomas Bock is the CFO and responsible for internal services, along with finance and accounts, risk management, law and human resources.

The Management - Titelbild
The Management: Thomas Bock, Helmut Thöni, Anton Mederle (from left)

Company History

The Thöni story from 1964 to the present day

The company was founded in 1964 by Arthur Thöni; although it began life as a metal working shop, it soon began to develop. Only a few years after it was established, a new production building was built in Telfs, which has also since been expanded. In 1970, the company took over the hose production facility of the hundred-year-old company Elsinger & Söhne, and in 1975, the firm’s in-house anodising plant also commenced operations. In 1984, the first of meanwhile four aluminium extrusion presses went into production, marking the start of the industrial manufacture of aluminium profiles. That same year, the company took over the Landeck metal works. Further business units added since then include environmental engineering, casting equipment, and Thöni Automotive Components GmbH. In 2018, work commenced on the construction of a new plant in Pfaffenhofen, with a total hall area of 20,000 m². The new location will house the fifth aluminium extrusion press, in combination with a hydroforming press and fully automated machining plants. It is here that aluminium components for the automobile industry and other sectors are produced since the opening in the year 2019.

Philosophy and Values

Flexibility, Reliability, Continuity

Thöni is an independent, self-managed company. Which is why we value strong and success-oriented business units that are aligned towards our customers’ needs. We fulfil our customers’ stringent quality demands and adhere strictly to delivery deadlines.

We feel as committed to our employees, business partners and customers as we do to our natural environment and the people who we share it with. Which is why we strive to achieve success in harmony with our surroundings. This is expressed in our corporate philosophy and values.

Family-Run Company

We are a medium-sized, family-run company with a strong connection to our roots an orientation towards growth. At the same time, we attach great importance to our commercial independence.

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Customer Orientation

Our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction. We wish to understand our customers’ needs and expectations so that we can fulfil them as quickly and effectively as possible. We have the ambition to do things better than our competitors.

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We invest in our employees and their ongoing development because they are an essential factor of our performance quality. Quality, environmental factors and energy awareness are matters of great importance to us, and we promote our employees’ awareness of them. The Thöni Academy is our power house that supports our employees’ mental and physical vitality.

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We develop forward-looking processes and products, and we are pioneers in the technical implementation of our production processes. Our R&D department works together closely with all business units in driving innovation.



Our objective is to develop, design and produce products and services of top international quality at competitive prices, with due regard for all relevant environmental and energy factors, and to market them effectively. We challenge ourselves not only to continuously improve our management system and in turn our performance, but also to question – and where necessary to amend – our existing processes and behaviours.

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Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency

We take care to use products and raw materials with a high degree of recycling, and we endeavour to make economic use of resources in our production. We do our utmost to avoid unnecessary waste and energy consumption and to adhere to our stringent standards and obligations concerning environmental protection.

This is why we have a preference for new, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient processes and technologies.

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency - Titelbild

Responsibility and Sustainability

Our commercial activity is determined by our social, ecological and economic responsibility. Sustainability enjoys top priority in our strategic and daily decision making. We obligate ourselves to uphold ethical and moral values, as anchored in our mission statement for corporate responsibility.

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Facts and Figures

About Thöni


Our business units generated 490 million EUR (unconsolidated) in the business year 2022/2023.


A total of 920 employees work every day on realising innovative solutions.


There are currently more than 120 apprentices and pupils training at the Thöni Academy.


Altogether 80,000 km of hose have so far been produced.


No less than 60,000 tonnes of extruded aluminium billets are produced In the Kempten remelting plant every year.


Every day, 35,000 vehicles are fitted with Thöni components.

Quality in Every Area

Our success is down to our process orientation and concentration on our customers’ needs as well as our absolute commitment to continuously improving our services – all the more so bearing in mind the increasing globalisation of companies and markets.

Our actions and endeavours in this area are reflected in our ISO and EN certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Zertifikat – DEENITFR –  ES
  • ISO 14001 Zertifikat – DEENITFRES
  • IATF 16949 Zertifikat – DEEN
  • ISO 9001 Zertifikat Thöni Deutschland – DEEN
  • ISO 50001 Zertifikat Thöni Deutschland – DEEN
  • EN 15088 Zertifikat – DE – EN
  • EN 1090-1 Zertifikat – DE
  • ISO 3834-2 Zertifikat – DE

Thöni Aluminium Worlds

Experience the world of aluminium material

For a fascinating overview of all the applications of aluminium as a raw material, customers and partners are highly recommended to visit Aluminium Worlds.

You will be taken on a journey through history, beginning with the first experiments involving aluminium and going all the way to the material’s astounding success in the worlds of technology and science. The sheer variety of its uses today, its economic importance, and the future applications of aluminium as a material are presented in a three-dimensional exhibition in the ‘Aluversum’.

Aluminium Worlds is located at the Telfs site, and visitors will not only gain an insight into the history, manufacture and applications of aluminium, but also find an overview of our company. You can even take the walkway around the gallery in the production hall and witness for yourselves the aluminium extrusion process live before your very eyes.

Thöni sky lounge

Encounters at the Highest Level

The Thöni sky lounge is located in the Academy building and is just the place for encounters of the highest level.

The unique Thöni sky lounge is where employees, business partners and friends of the company meet to discuss, learn or simply engage in small talk, while enjoying the unique atmosphere.

With a wonderful view of the Tyrolean highlands and the impressive mountains around Telfs, the Thöni sky lounge is a fascinating location for all kinds of encounters. It is not only a great venue for company celebrations and meetings, but it is also ideal for business and political events, not to mention art and cultural activities.

Thöni sky lounge
Thöni sky lounge