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Since 1984, we have been supplying companies, as a volume producer to the German-speaking and Benelux regions, with profiles specially designed to suit a wide range of customer specifications.

Thoeni Aluminium

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Our Process

All from a single source

At the Thöni Aluminium division, we attach great importance to sustainability, which is why we process scrap into high-grade aluminium components. Thanks to our highly skilled personnel and automated production processes, we are able to guarantee a consistently high product quality.

Thöni supplies everything from a single source, from the idea through to product development and on to product finishing.

We are your competent and reliable partner when it comes to aluminium.


Thöni Deutschland GmbH in Kempten/Allgäu

We produce 60,000 tonnes of aluminium billets per year at the Thöni recasting plant in Kempten. The plant is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe and supplies the basic material for a variety of aluminium components. The raw material consists of 80% aluminium scrap. Adding primary aluminium and other alloy elements, the scrap is melted down using the hot top continuous casting method and subsequently homogenised.

We are also able to produce special aluminium alloys, with the aid of our own materials development department. Even in the conception phase we are able to accommodate your wishes and plan the right type of profiles for your needs. Our in-house recasting plant gives us flexibility while also guaranteeing secure supplies.

We produce billets in a variety of dimensions and alloys, in largely automated manufacturing plants. Our highly qualified employees monitor the process using modern production monitoring systems, to ensure that the extrusion billets are of the required quality. Formats and alloys produced

Formats and alloys produced
Extruded 6000 series aluminium billets in diameters of:


and lengths of up to 7,100 mm.

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Thöni Kempten umschmelzen


Thöni Deutschland GmbH
Daimlerstraße 21
87437 Kempten
Tel.: +49 831 57420-700
Fax: +49 831 57420-721
Portrait Michael Warta

Your contact person

Michael Warta
Tel.: +49 831 57420-700
Thöni Aluminium Strangpressen


Extruded profiles – maximum precision for complex cross-sections

Our extrusion facilities are the most modern in Europe and they are essential to the production of high-precision aluminium components.

All profile cross-sections are extruded on one of our five extrusion presses, at a force of between 12.5 MN and 55 MN. The components are incorporated into motor vehicles, furniture, buildings, machines and several other application areas.

In extrusion moulding, an aluminium billet is heated up to approximately 500°C and forced through a die. Subsequent cooling and stretching results in a profile with a stable form. The high standard of our employees’ technical know-how is an essential factor of what is a complex manufacturing process.

Our extensive further processing possibilities serve to expand our broad performance scope. Individually deployable metal-cutting machines are used in conjunction with highly automated, custom production lines.

Besides mechanical processing, we also offer a large number of surface treatments, to enhance the appearance and durability of the components.

All of our production processes are interlinked through a central control tool and connected to a fully automated transport system. At Thöni, we make an effort to continually develop our processes. This is what makes us an innovative and reliable partner in the field of aluminium component production.

Facts and Figures

  • Pressure forces of 12.5 MN, 16 MN, 25 MN, 32 MN and 55 MN
  • Linear metre weights of 0.15 bis 25 kg
  • Profile widths of up to 440 mm
  • Profile lengths of up to 12 m
  • Alloys: EN AW 6060, 6063, 6005A, 6082
  • Customer-specified profiles and products
  • Surface treatments such as anodising, pickling passivation and powder coating
  • Extensive further mechanical processing possibilities

We will be happy to support you in the technical optimisation of your product.

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Surface Treatments

Innovation based on experience

Surface treatments for aluminium profiles, including high-grade anodisation, powder coating and pickling/passivating, not only enhance the appearance of the profiles but also provide optimum surface protection. Such high-quality surface processes are also important in attaining the required further processing characteristics of the aluminium profiles.

The anodising works is linked to our extrusion plants by an automatic transport system. This guarantees flexibility, quality and speed.

We also work continually on new developments and innovations in the field of surface treatments, so we can continue to fulfil your requirements and ensure the protection of our environment into the future.

Thöni Eloxalwerk
Thöni Oberflächenveredelung


Thanks to our modern and extensive machinery, we are able to offer you a wide range of machining processes, including sawing, die-cutting, drilling, milling, deburring, vibratory grinding, washing, bending, joining and welding.

We also develop aluminium components together with you. In this way, we can create product-specific production lines, for example in the Automotive Components division.

Quality Promise

Modern inspection systems for your quality assurance

The seamless process chain (from extrusion billet to high quality finished aluminium component) forms the basis of our quality assurance process.

We have at our disposal the latest measuring and test facilities, integrated in the respective process workflows and operated by highly qualified staff.

Our processes and procedures undergo continual onward development to ensure we remain able to meet our customers’ high-quality requirements into the future.

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Thöni Automotive Prüfmethoden

Are you interested in extrusion products, surface treatment and further processing? Aluminium components from a single source. Just get in touch with us.

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Your contact person

Markus Kral
Tel.: +43 5262 6903-321