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Environmental Energy Engineering


Service that never stops.

With THÖNI CARE, you can trust in our comprehensive, tailor-made service. Together we will determine how to achieve the constant and sustainable operation of your plant – with maximum quality. Our aim is to guarantee your company’s waste Management processes while enabling the optimum utilisation of your plant’s potential.

Thöni Care

All-Round Service

Solutions in all sizes

We built your plant, so naturally we are perfectly familiar with its construction. And we also know how to operate the system so to extract its fullest potential. Our all-round THÖNI CARE service package means you benefit from our many years of experience in the design and construction of biogas plants. We will put together a service package that is coordinated precisely to match your THÖNI plant. The benefit to you is that your plant remains in top condition and you can precisely plan your servicing and maintenance costs.

All-Round Service - Titelbild

Operational support: We support you in operational management and in the event of disturbances as well as with any enquiries regarding spare and wear parts.

Service hotline: You can reach our service department during regular office hours by calling the exclusive service hotline.

Remote maintenance: With the aid of our remote maintenance system, your plant can be accessed at any time for rapid support.

Spare and wear parts management: Benefit from the latest versions of our original spare and wear parts. We offer custom wearing-part solutions (e.g. framework agreements).

Inspection and maintenance: We inspect agreed plant components and perform agreed maintenance work. We also repair damage and deficiencies on site. Your personal inspection report allows you to maintain an overview of activities.

Biological service: Ongoing monitoring of biological conditions, consistent process adjustment, evaluation of use of additives.



Spare and Wear Part Services

We protect you against standstill

Timely replacement of parts including wear parts maximises your plant’s service life, saving you not only costs but also worry. And to ensure the best quality, we only supply original parts, which can be replaced quickly and simply by our experience installers.

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Spare and wear parts: We coordinate your individual spare and wear parts package together with you. If parts have been consumed, we will provide you with new ones

‘Exclusive’ store: You don’t have the space to store large parts? You prefer not to keep cost-intensive parts in stock? Then delegate your stock holding to us. You can request spare parts at any time.

Exchange and installation: Our specialists will exchange original parts professionally and swiftly. This saves you time while ensuring top quality, and you benefit from having an expert on site who will keep you informed of ongoing innovations.

Biological Service

We are experts in strains and cultures.

We know very well that the conditions in the biogas plant must be ideal to allow the microorganisms to produce a maximum quantity of gas. To ensure a stable and efficient process, it is essential to continuously monitor the biological conditions, so that any warning signals can be detected at an early stage and targeted measures taken.

Benefit from our many years of experience in dealing with microbe cultures and extract the maximum gas yield from your plant!

Biological Service - Titelbild

Analysis: The samples you send us from your plant are analysed by our experts

Consultancy: We compile a process recommendation for you and tell you how you can increase your efficiency

Aggregates: We supply you with additives for use in extreme conditions.

Service: Our experts coordinate the status of your plant with you on a regular basis.

Optimisation Management

Into the future with super strength

We want you to enjoy your plant to its maximum potential. Today, tomorrow and always. This means that continuous tuning and perfectly coordinated plant components that reflect the latest state of the art are absolutely essential.

Which is why we advise you to have your plant inspected by our experts at regular intervals, to check that they are operating at full performance and under the right framework conditions. We also offer this service to customers running a plant that is not made by THÖNI.


Analysis: We evaluate the performance of your plant and ascertain its optimisation potential. We determine and record the status quo of your system.

Recommended action: We compile an individual performance enhancement plan for your plant and suggest modifications in line with any changes to framework conditions.

Optimisation: We implement the jointly agreed measures to fully exhaust the potential of your plant.